Heather Mehal

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Shall We Dance
Bought at auction.  In 2 years, earned USDF top 13 ranking for Horse of the Year honors at First Level in 2006.  Achieved my USDF Bronze and Silver with scores and is currently  showing Grand Prix successfully.  I received my USDF Gold Medal in 2015 on this horse.  It is such a joy to compete on a horse I trained myself.
Heather Mehal Dressage Qualifications
​Growing up in Pittsburgh on my family’s horse farm started my love of horses that has continued for over 40 years.  I began riding hunter/jumpers and fox hunted for 10 seasons. In search of the next challenge, I found eventing, and competed through preliminary.  Dressage came next, and I knew at once I was home.  I quickly found that my talent and passion was in training horses and teaching riders from all levels of development and improving their performance.  I have ridden for various upper level trainers, and currently ride with Carel Eijkenaar, an International Dressage judge and trainer.  

A relaxed confident rider giving clear, correct direction to their horse are the keys to having a successful ride and moving towards your riding goals. I work to help riders relax and feel what their horse is doing right and help them to softly correct them when they need it.  I believe horses that are treated fairly and enjoy their training, will work very hard for their riders.  

Trillium RETIRED
Bought this mare as a 8 year old with little to no training.  She has a big heart but is a very difficult ride as she is only a petite 15.3.  Together we have earned my USDF bronze and silver medals and I have trained her to I2.  Although a bit tense, a wonderful teacher who tries so hard.   She has been retired and enjoys being loved on by everyone that comes to the barn
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16.3 hand , 3 year old OTTB.  Just a baby horse but we have great expectations for this gifted horse.  Lovely mind and exceptional gaits.  Look for him in the show ring this year.

*Personally trained 2 horses to FEI
*Earned USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals on a horse I trained myself
*Currently showing FEI
*Trained and competed horses through Preliminary
*Earned United States Pony Club HA
*Fox Hunted and whipped 10 seasons 
*Train young horses and retrain problem horses
*Currently partnered with Bright Futures Farm to rehab OTTB and place in upper level show homes